Competition and Awards in Innovation Summit

These Awards are given in innovation summit on the name donors. IRP does not judge the award nor take any financial share out of these awards.

The awards are based on open competition given to the projects submitted 15 days before the summit and physically presented/exhibited in the technology expo of the summit. The decision of judges cannot be challenged.

IRP requests donors to announce awards to be given on donor names. The awards are communicated to large number of industry and academia, giving a very high value of promotion to the donor of the award.

Apply Online for Cash Award

    ToRs for Donor Given Cash Awards

  • The application must be submitted 10 days before the summit due date
  • The award will be given in the closing in the form of a printed cheque
  • The project will be physically examined in the expo
  • The assessment includes two rounds as 1st round before summit and 2nd round during the summit in form of presentation.
  • The winners of 1st round will be invited to display and present the project physically in the expo.
  • The judges will decide the winners of round 01 and final winner of each award after presentation in tech expo

ECOSF SDG-6 Water and Sanitation

ECO science foundation (ECOSF) is intra-government organization of 10 ECO countries. ECOSF gives awards for one the best project related to SDG-6 as water and sanitation.   Award Includes Cash of 25000/-

Akhuwat Social Sector Innovation Award

Akhuwat strives to alleviate poverty by creating a system based on mutual support in society, drawing on the principles of social justice and brotherhood. Akhuwat gives cash award of Rs. 25000/ in each summit for the best project related to social impact.

SRC Award – Shafi Reso Chem

SRC (Shafi Reso Chem) award is given to chemistry related technologies having good import substitution or export potential. The ward amount is Rs. 20,000/-



Nvision Award for Cyber/Mobile Security Technologies  

Nvision offers cash award for Cyber/Mobile Security technologies of  Rs.10,000/- in each summit

AFAQ Innovators Award

AFAQ is very innovative and research based organization to serve cause of quality education. AFAQ inspires schools students for innovation challenge and collect innovative projects from school students called “Innovation Stars”. AFAQ gives 30,000 to 50,000/- cash awards in each summit.


Punjab University Cash Award (for Lahore summit only) 

Punjab University provides cash awards of around 150,000/- to the exhibitors presenting their technologies in the innovation summit of Punjab University, Lahore.

Non Cash Awards for All Summit 


 SATHA Innovation Award

South Asia Triple Helix Association (SATHA) is advocacy organization for science, technology and innovation with global reach through enhanced coordination and networking among University-Industry-Governments (UIG) in South Asia. SATHA is part of international Triple Helix Association and based in University of Management and Technology.

SATHA Provides “SATHA Innovation Awards” to inspire community for socioeconomic progress.

Technology Awards

The projects presented in the exhibition are assessed by judged for two days. The best 30 technologies are given Summit Technology Award.

The Best Session Award

The award is given to the best session organizer of each summit. It is to acknowledge the cooperation, contribution, support and activeness of the organizer to arrange a real technology session.

ToRs: Activities of session organizer are assessed based on 1) number and quality of audience, 2) Industry participation, 3) Technology presented and 4) overall management of the session. The program copy must be submitted to review committee for before summit.

    Download The Best Session Award


The Best Stall Award

The award is given to the best stall organizer of each summit. It is to acknowledge the activeness, competitiveness and interaction of the organizer in expo of summit.

  • ToRs: Activities of stall organizer are assessed based on
  • 1) number and quality of visitors to the stall
  • 2) Interaction with visitors
  • 3) projects presentation
  • 4) overall management of the stall. The list of projects presented in stalls must be submitted to review committee before summit. Stall organizers/exhibitors are requested to send invitation letters and invite relevant industry and other stakeholders to visit their stalls.