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Invention to Innovation Summit is an event of Pakistan which has networked R&D stakeholders. The summit is a great symbol of network which unties nation for single goal of building innovative Pakistan. We have just made a call for unity and it is widely accepted and taken forward. We are indebted for all the summit stakeholders who owned this event and make it a great symbol of R&D success.
Abid H.K Shirwani
Innovation Summit is a great idea to drive process of technology development and commercialisation. The event is growing upto level where industry can find good technologies from the expo and technical sessions. I am pleased to see that event is organised by more than 100 universities and industries in four provinces of Pakistan. I request industries to actively participate in the summit and ensure collaboration with academia
Mr. Abrar Ahmed
Vice President, Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association CEO, SRC Pvt. LTD (Shafi Reso Chem)
Innovation Summit is very timely and right initiative to respond the emerging market of Pakistan. The growing industrialisation in Pakistan like in KP Province needs good supply of innovative technologies. I am sure innovation summit will be able to link academia with industry and supply good technologies to growing industries. Innovation summit also a good source of creating new industries based on new technologies. Innovation summit will also play a good role in creating entrepreneurship as MBAs and Engineers are supposed to create new companies.
Syed Muhammad Mohsin
Chief Executive Officer, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zones Development And Management Company

Innovation Summit has grown from an idea to Pakistan’s probably largest R&D Promotion Network. I am pleased to have been part of the team since the very beginning, as we discussed this idea to hold the Innovation Summit every year. The evolving design of innovation summit is responding to the needs of technology development and commercialisation. As a result, an ecosystem is building up from grass root level, which will hopefully redefine the structure of R&D in Pakistan. Read More...

Dr. Manzoor Hussain soomro
President ECO Science Foundation
Innovation summit has become a national platform for connectivity of an innovator to relevant funding sources, industry-academia liaison and policies reforms. It has tremendous potential to improve quality of life of a common man by providing free participation, competitiveness in technology development and appreciation of societal services. Theme of innovation summit is in harmony with Akhuwat Foundation’s operational principles: Community, social and economic development and volunteerism.
Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib
Executive Director Akhuwat Foundation