IRP E-Incubation

IRP E-Incubation


IRP is determined to bring REAL IMPACT in the startup industry by helping idea stage and seed stage startups to grow their businesses and become the next million dollar enterprises. We have broken down our goals that will drive impact in 3 categories:

  1. Investments
  2. Customers
  3. Scalability


It is often said in the corporate world; “Sales cures all diseases”. When a company starts making sales, whether big or small, it shows that the consumers have enough confidence in the product and the company that they are willing to invest their money in the company’s product. IRP will enable the startups to make more sales by training the company’s sales teams by the industry leaders, and by providing them direct contacts to companies and customers whom they can pitch their products.


Once a startup enrolls with our E-Incubation program they will enjoy 2 tiers of services; online and offline:


  1. Registration of startups will be done through Uninama, a social app for students.
  2. All startups will get weekly mentoring sessions by various industry experts
  3. One on one skype sessions with the requested mentors
  4. Startups will be required to submit a monthly Milestones form


  1. Startup workshops
  2. Assistance in company registration
  3. Assistance in patent filing and copywriting services
  4. Skill building trainings and workshops

Startups will be offered discounts on paid services like registrations and patents.



When a startup shows growth potential and is converting its users into paying customers, that means that it is ready to get an investment. However, majority of startups fail to recognize the precursors to an investment and when they approach an investor for funding they are either turned down or are mostly undervalued.
With our vast network of investors throughout the country, IRP can streamline the process that a startup needs to go through to gain a fruitful investment.


You’ve got the investment, and you’re making sales, but the pace at which the company is growing is not great. You’re looking to grow your team and mentors to guide you in specific streams, but you’re finding it even harder. With our network of startups, mentors, skilled workforce and academia we can help you scale your company by linking you with the right people at the right time!

Just let us know at:  – 03139921608 – 0321-4917181