Technologies for Mines and Mineral Processing

Center of Excellence in Mineralogy
University of Balochistan
Session Title

Technologies for  Mines and Mineral Processing

Time: 02:00pm - 04:00pm  Date: April 25, 2018 (2nd Day of Summit) 


Dr. Abdul Razzaq Manan – 0300-3826639 –

Mr. Bashir Agha - – 0321-8119120

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Session Organizer

Dr. Razzaq Abdul Manan Durrani (Mobile: 0331-8949123)
 (Assistant Professor) C.E.M


Session Team Members

  • Dr.Mohibullah (Assistant Professor) Mobile: 0333-9323099
  • Muhammed Minhas (Assistant Professor & Ph.D. Student) (Mobile: 0333-7877955)
  • Hemeed ullah (MPhil Student)
  • Fawad Khan (IT Incharge) (Mobile: 0333-7833751)