Innovation Summit KP Innovation Summit Sindh Innovation Summit Punjab Innovation Summit Balochistan
Submitted By Project Title Project Status
UmarJamilCar Driver Assistance SystemRecieved
Uzma HameedProduction of dextrin from thermostable amylaseRecieved
Abdul ZahirQuadcopterRecieved
ZulqarnainMusawarAgricultural robotRecieved
Muhib ullahhydraulic bridge Recieved
Nasar AlamAnalysis and Characterization of Consumer Talcum Powder Marketed in PakistanRecieved
Nasar AlamProduction of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking oil by Transesterification process using Potassium Hydroxide as CatalystRecieved
Shazia BatoolCrowd sourcing and Natural Language processing, Doctor\'s ratingRecieved
Nimra AnwarHuman Resource Management System (HRMS) With seniority recommendationRecieved
Qurat-ul-Ain KhanEscape Earth Vector Game. Recieved
Anwar Ahmed KhanInternet of Things (IoT) for Smart HorticultureRecieved
Shama SiddiquiInternet of Things (IoT) in tourism: A Framework for Cave City, Gondrani. Recieved
Dr. Jawaid Ahmed KhokharBiodiversity of Ants (Formicidae) occurring in mango garden of District Tandoallahyar, Sindh, Pakistan Recieved
Mohammad AwaisCrowd sourcing and Natural Language processing, Doctor\'s ratingRecieved
AdarshWater ManagementRecieved
Akseer AliWater Doctor: WSN Based Smart Water Management SystemRecieved
Akseer AliWater Doctor: Smart Water Management SystemRecieved
Waseem BugtiSmart Payment SystemRecieved
MUHAMMAD ALIAdvance Solar Water Desalination plant for Coastal and Arid AreasRecieved
Asghar khanQuantitative ethno-veterinary usage of plants in the outskirts of District Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PakistanRecieved
Syed Mehar PirzadaAutomatic Vehicle Registration Checking SystemRecieved
Mohammad Mashood Khan Blind\'s eyeRecieved
Eishah UroojMalicious Behaviour analysis toolRecieved
Ameer HamzaPre-Heart Attack Detection and Smart Emergency Medical Attention SystemRecieved
Abdul Mateen RahimDigital Customize Software for Vending MachineRecieved
Faiz Ali ShahFabrication of motorized scissor jack Recieved
Haidar AliTo investigate the effects of the use of Fine Recycle Aggregate on the properties of concrete Recieved
Osama Azam DashtiComputerRecieved
MUJTABA ELLAHIEco friendly thin film based smart glass panel technology Recieved
Shafaque saira Malik Automated static error handler in programmingRecieved
Dad janHome Automation systemslRecieved
Sidra AkbarSmart Street light systemRecieved
Zainullah KhanEvolution of Locomotion gaits for quadrupedal robotsRecieved
Hairbyar Bugti Facial Cognitive System Recieved
Junaid BakhtA smart wind hybrid carRecieved
najam un nisahand made crafts Recieved
FaizaArts and craftRecieved
Rashid MiandadBichkand Online Shopping Recieved
Sidra Akbar, Shoaib Manzoorsmart street lightRecieved
Zahid Ullah power generation from speed breakerRecieved
Muhammad Rafi FaisalLow FOM 16 Bit Signed ALU for VLSI Designs and FPGA using CLARecieved
Muhammad AshrafArtificial recharge of groundwaterRecieved
Hammad SaleemHammailoRecieved
Muhmmad mahoodTracker technology Recieved
Tarfiyea Trafiye foodsRecieved
Syed Sudair JanPLC Based Smart Car Parking for PakistanRecieved
Mahain Noor A New Asymmetrical Multi-level Inverter Topology with Reduce DevicesRecieved
Mahain Noor, Bibi Asma Batool, AliyaA New Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduce DevicesRecieved
Komal Baloch, Ghanwa Haider,Rehana Naseer, Rifat Hasni, Climbing RobotRecieved
Noor AhmedLabour Hire FirmRecieved
ARSLAN NAZIRVehicle Distance Detecting Smart Recieved
Salman AnwarAutonomous Fire Fighting Robot Recieved
Hinna RutabaHand Talk MediatorRecieved
Khalil ahmed Flowers Recieved
Muhammad UsmanAutomated Robotic Management SystemRecieved
Khalil ahmed Flowers tanel Recieved
Sania RiazCalcium carbonate nanoparticles from eggshellRecieved
Khurram shehzadPCSIRRecieved
Bushraanalyze the adsorption capability of fish scales waste for removal of acidic and basic dyeRecieved
Sher AhmedManagement of Point of Sale (POS)Recieved
Sher AhmedSA Point of SaleRecieved
Irfan AghaAfghan cultural dressRecieved
UmarFruit Yield Estimation using UAVRecieved
Gulzaib khanNoRecieved
Irfan UllahBusiness IdeaRecieved
Mahnoor ahmed,Asma sherzaman,Naila gulFacial expression recognition using deep leaning in class roomRecieved
Wardah AhmedOutdoor Single Image DehazingRecieved
Aamir dadHappiness time Recieved
Saad ullahSelf inflating tire systemRecieved
AlamzaibAutomated Traffic Control SystemRecieved
Syed Ihsan AliAmalgamation of Wind,Tidal & Solar Energies to Generate electricityRecieved
Muhammad shakeelMultiple Purpose Mechanical MachineRecieved
Shafaque saira Malik Automatic static error detector n corrector Recieved
Syed Ihsan Ali & Muhammad Azeem The Amalgamation of Wind,Tidal & Solar Energies to Generate electricityRecieved
Muhammad WaqasUniversity SMS Gateway System Recieved
UmarFruit yield Estimation using Unmanned aerial vehicleRecieved
Jawad AhmedAutonomous VehicleRecieved
Muhammad UsmanAutonomous Waiter System Recieved
Dr Muhammad Kamran Taj China Study CenterRecieved
Baloch Khan Zoology. Ticks infestation . Recieved
Jan Mohammad AmanBalochistan DatesRecieved
Mohammad anwarCar biomatric security systemRecieved
Sidra Majeed , Wajiha kenwalIntelligent ChatBot Recieved
Abdul warisZoologyRecieved
Afnan AhmedRoboticsRecieved
Noroz MunirHyalomma, with a key to the identification of male speciesRecieved
Aroosa Tahirelectricity load and price forecasting by enhanced machine learning algorithms in smart gridRecieved
Shehnaz Battlefield (3D Shooting Game)Recieved
Sana Saeed Ahmadone pot synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antimicrobial activity against foodborne bacteria Recieved
MalikaDDoS attack detrction and mitigation in SDN networkRecieved
Bilqees FatimaEstimation of antifungal activity of Silver NanoparticlesRecieved
Maheen AfzalIT professionalRecieved
Burhan SadiqIntelligent Natural Gas Accident Safety System Recieved
Muneer AhmedTo study the properties of gold and silver nanoparticles.Recieved
Muhmmad JavaidReliable School SoftwareRecieved
Muhmmad JavaidReliable-School-SoftwareRecieved
Adil Ahmed , Saima SagheerAge Detection and Gender Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks Recieved
Muhammad Imran Abid Ameen sabia Ghaffar Check your QualityRecieved
Sameera Abdul wahidA device for diabetic footRecieved
Rana Ashar MehmoodWater Control SystemRecieved
Sana Saeed Ahmad, Farha Manzoor, Farkhanda Rehimdil, Sidra Aftab and Dr. Umbreen ShaheenSize controlled synthesis of Silver NanoParticles and their antimicrobial activity against foodborne bacteriaRecieved
IFTIKHAR AHMED, SAMIULLAH, ARBAB MIRWAIS, SHOAIB MANZOORAutomatic temperatures controls systemRecieved
saud khanBRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE based emotion recognition and response systemRecieved
Ghulam farid,Saleem ilahi, Dr umbreen shaheenTo synthesise and applications of gold and silver nanoparticlesRecieved
Ghulam farid,Saleem ilahi, Dr umbreen shaheenTo synthesis SNPs and GNPs and to investigate their properties and applicationRecieved
Ghulam farid,Saleem ilahi, Dr umbreen shaheenSynthesis and applications of GNp And SNP Recieved
Ghulam farid,Saleem ilahi, Dr umbreen shaheento goldand silver nanoarticles their properties and applicationsRecieved
Muhammad Imran Abid Ameen sabia Ghaffar Dr. Umbreen shaheen T D SRecieved
Salman Khan and Mujeeb UllahTransient and fault analysis with GSM monitoring systemRecieved
Zakia gul Paid but on skillRecieved
Muhammad Naeem KhanNARecieved
Muhammad SulamanIntelligent Obstacle, Human Detection and Navigational Smarts Stick Based on Deep Learning For Blind PeopleRecieved
Rahid BashirSystemic Dustbin Recieved
Usman Sarwrarlocust detectorRecieved
Rahid Bashirsystematic dustbin Recieved