Innovation Summit Sialkot 2021

Annual Online 



10X Growth Plan for Sialkot

Venue: Online by ZOOM | Date: March 2021 | Time: 10:00 to 22:00 (GMT+5) | Registration: Free of Cost

Innovation summit Sialkot is planned to drive 10 times the growth of district Sialkot by connecting all stakeholders. The summit will present a comprehensive development approach including policy, governance, technology, system, human resource, education, vocational training, and other development areas. 

Innovation Summit will support the 10X Growth Program by the Center of Innovation & Competitiveness Studies (CICS-USKT) to boost the export from around 02 billion currently to 20 billion USD.

The Objectives 

  • To drive innovation and productivity in the industry of Sialkot 
  • To advocate for SDGs in the industry of Sialkot 
  • To mobilize for the vision of 10X development of District Sialkot 
  • To drive 10X growth of export of Sialkot industry 
  • To highlight integrated and sustainable development

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Call for A Research Posters

Sialkot Summit includes:

  • Substitution of Imported Raw Material
  • New Export Markets for Sialkot Exports
  • New Product Development of Sports Goods and Surgical
  • Process Optimization and Quality for Sports Goods and Surgical
  • E-commerce and Supply Chain for Sialkot Exports
  • Fashion Forecasts and Future Demands for Sialkot Export
  • Policy, Governance and Taxation for Sialkot Industry
  • Testing Labs, Piloting Labs and Industrial Zones for District Sialkot

Why Join Sialkot Innovation Summit?

  • Linkages with Investors and Experts
  • Find New Ideas and Solutions
  • Exposure to Future Technologies
  • Capacity Building on S&T Planning and Management
  • Digital Certificate