Biotechnology Process & applications for industry


Kohat University of Science and Technology

Session Title

Biotechnology: Process & applications for industry


02:00pm - 04:00pm


1st November  2017 (1st Day of Summit)

Supporting Industry



Dr. JamilKhattak – -0300-5286949


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Biotech Problem in KP

  • Developing bio fertilizer from leather waste (Sludge)
  • Dehairng Enzyme

Pakistan leather industry needs technology to produce enzyme for dehairing of skins.
(pilot level enzyme production facility will be provided)

  • Honey extracting technology 

(Please click the link for inspiration; we need to develop that kind of technology)

  • Bio-cleaner technology 

(Bio-cleaner technology for Water purification and treatment is required, BioCleaner constantly produces its own good microbes, eliminating the need to add new microbes every day.) 

  • Biocontrol technologies for pesticides

(Thus there is a need to develop viable bio-pesticides or biocontrol technologies to replace the chemical pesticides.)

  • Pro-biotic formulations for poultry feed