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Media campaign of innovation summit reaches to millions of people from all walks of life.  The media campaign is run through various promotional platforms. The logo of summit partners and supporters is placed on media promotions as per plan.

Summit Documentary

Summit video documentary is made in every summit by private firm and all the events are recorded. Promo of documentary and detailed documentary is promoted digitally through various channels.

Note: The documentary is made by Evolution.

Social Media Promotion

Summit is largely promoted through social media like Linked, G+, Facebook and Youtube etc. The summit message along with partners and supporters reaches to millions of people from academia, industry, government and social sector.

Email Communication

Official email of innovation summit is sent to 500,000 plus people annually through four summits. The email is sent to various categories of people. The emails are sent to national and international people also. The email is sent directly and indirectly through offices of organizations to their members.

Print Media of Summit
Around 5000 posters of innovation summit are printed each year for four summits and posted to large number of stakeholders. These posters include program schedule of summit and other information. these posters reaches to large of industry and academic institutions. 
Venue Promotion of Summit
Each venue of innovation summit big university of Pakistan having 1000s of students. The selected scientists and students of entire province also join summit venue. The venue of decorated with flexes and banners showing summit messages and logo of supporters and sponsors.
Get your product and brand promoted through summit media 

For Contact:  Dr. Rashida R Zohra (IRP)-0334-1213499- 

Ujala – – 0333-4484020 


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