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Workshop on Science Communications: Science Communication Key to Enhance Public Understanding of Science and Technology?

Science and technology play a major role in most aspects of our daily lives both at home and at work. It affects many, if
not most, policy issues of national and international importance. Science, Technology and Innovations are intricately
linked to societal needs and the nation’s economy in every area especially in transportation, communication, agriculture,
education, environment, health, defense, and jobs. Everybody, therefore, needs some understanding of science, its
accomplishments and its limitations. Understanding includes not just the facts of science, but also the method and its
limitations as well as an appreciation of the practical and social implications.
The need has never been greater for more effective science communication specifically designed to help the public and
policy makers comprehend important issues involving science and technology. Without a clear understanding of the
science involved, it is impossible for citizens to engage in meaningful thought, debate, or actions regarding some of the
most pressing, controversial, and consequential matters facing society.
There is a gap of trained journalists who are effective science communicators, and part of this gap has been filled with
pseudoscientific experts able to reach the audiences through websites, blogs, and other social media. What is needed is to
train the next generation of scientists, journalists to become better science communicators and to create a culture where
they are supported and rewarded for effectively communicating with the public.