About Summit 

The phrase and idea of Invention to Innovation Summit was coined by Mr. Abid H K Shirwani. The objective was to provide an annual event and arrange three main stakeholders of Innovation; Academia, corporate sector and public sector, where academia can sell technologies, industries can buy and other stakeholders like Govt. can facilitate the process. It provides an opportunity to showcase the indigenous research which is going on in academia, R&D institutes, industry and public sector organization. The idea was presented to Prof. Dr. Manzoor H Soomor, Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation (at that time) and Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran Vice Chancellor University of the Punjab in a joint meeting. Both dignities offered their support to turn this dream into reality. Prof. Dr. Amir Ijaz Director ORIC was requested to host this firs summit as pilot project. Mr. Abrar Ahmed CEO, Shafi Reso Chem offered financial support for mobilization and University of Management and Technology provided incubation facility including operational team, working support, logistics, funds and arrangement of annual dinner.

The summit has become regular annual feature in four national universities as University of Punjab, University of Balochistan, University of Karachi and UET Peshawar

Innovation Summit is an annual event to exhibit industry driven ideas, products and technologies in Pakistan. The summit provides great opportunity to network with innovation gurus, find commercial partners, promote technology and link your idea with stakeholders. The summit also creates a competition for innovation by providing Innovation Awards for Technology, Products and Ideas. The objectives of the summit are to promote, distribute, expand and advance the viable research technologies.

The Innovation Summit includes:

• Presentation of Viable Technologies through Technical Sessions
• Exhibition of Academic & Industrial Innovative Products/Models
• Exhibition of innovative product/technology/idea by university students
• Display of Innovative Ideas by Schools Students
• Workshops on Research Commercialization
• Business Plan Competition
• Policy Session on Economics and Technology
• Annual Innovation Awards

More specifically the summit will provide platform for networking of innovators, scientists, students, and industrial executives. Innovation Summit also includes keynote speeches of innovation gurus, case studies of successfully commercialized technologies, case studies on how to innovate, expert’s lecture on how to protect your innovation, expert’s lectures on how to market your technology, expert’s lectures policy for economics, science, technology and innovation planning.