Annual Innovation Summit

Innovation Expo to Buy and Sell Technology


ORIC University of Balochistan hosts annual innovation summit.

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Program schedule for University of Balochistan. SCHEDULE


● University of Balochistan  

● Date: April 25-26, 2017

● Duration: Two Days


Your Role in Innovation Summit

● Visit Innovation Summit along with Friends from Industry and Academia

● Display Innovations of Academia

● Organize Session of Summit

● Volunteer for Promotion and Management of Innovation Summit

● Promote Summit on Social Media and Spread Message

● Encourage fellows of Academia and Industry to Share their innovations


● Dr. Waheed Noor – a.waheed.noor@gmail.com  - 0333-7837101

● Dr. Rashida R. Zohra –  rrzhora@irp.edu.pk – 0334-1213499

● Mr. Muhammad Adeel -  Summit@irp.edu.pk – 0313-2835455


Major Highlights of Innovation Summit

● Innovation Expo for Display of Viable Technologies

● Technology Sessions for Verbal Presentation of Viable Technologies

● Policy Workshops

● Technology Awards

● SATHA Innovation Awards

Display Industry Technologies

Exhibit your innovative products developed and commercialized by your industry. Innovation Summit is a place to boost your image of innovation and progressive organization. Display your product, process and business model having proven track of technological innovation.

Be Part of Innovation Summit

We invite industry, academia, public and social sector organisations to support the annual innovation summit. You can share expenses, extend sponsorship support, fund innovation awards, fund travel and stay of students /guests and offer other managerial and operational support.

Why to Exhibit Innovative Products by Industry

● To gain social welcome for your innovative product

● To improve branding of your innovative product

● To get financial support for further R&D of product

● To get technical support of university scientists

● To find more innovative technologies

● To promote your organization as innovative one


 Why to Participate in Innovation Summit

● To listen experiences of innovators

● To network with creative minds

● To liaison with stakeholders of your idea

● To be the part of the innovative community


Why to Exhibit Innovative Technology by Academia  

● To find investor of your technology

● To get support for commercialization of your technology

● To get R&D funding from PSF

● To find related expertise and support

● To link your research with industry stakeholders

● To win Innovation Award